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Guaranteed Same Day Couriers are pleased to announce that we have now expanded our same day courier service to some new locations situated in the South West of the country: Exeter and Bristol. The team has grown to ensure that we can give all of our customers our amazing level of service, just check out our 5-star Google reviews.

Exeter is actually recognised as being in the top ten most profitable locations for a business to be based. The city is going through a large residential expansion, with plans to build on land in the Teignbridge and East Devon areas, which border Exeter’s boundaries. Travel by car in the city is often difficult with regular jams centred on the Exe Bridges area. Historically, the bridges were a bit of a nightmare for traffic heading to South West England, leading to the construction of the first bypass in the mid-1930s followed by the M5 in 1977. Guaranteed Sameday Couriers are well positioned to bypass any traffic issues as we have dedicated motorcycle couriers that can zip through the city traffic and fulfil our same day promise. The cities of Bristol, Plymouth, Bath, Salisbury and Truro can all be reached within 2 hours.

Having the 10th largest in population, Bristol has become very important to Guaranteed Sameday Couriers. The city has a long history of trade, starting off with cloth and fish, wine, grain and dairy, moving on to tobacco and tropical goods. Major imports today now include motor vehicles, grain and petroleum products. Private car use is high in the city, leading to traffic congestion costing an estimated £350 million per year. Bristol allows motorcycles to use most of the city’s bus lanes which is handy for our same day deliveries in Bristol. This will see the introduction of a Clean Air Zone to reduce pollution, which may involve charging some of the higher polluting vehicles that enter the city.

Exeter and the surrounding towns are home to many growing companies and are linked to some major cities, via some of the countries most used motorways. Many courier companies have taken advantage of the South Wests motorway network and have set up delivery companies in this area. We love a bit of competition and we are confident that Guaranteed Same Day Couriers will deliver amazing service every single time. 

We deliver to and from the South West daily, often several times a day, and our drivers know the short cuts and best routes around like the back of their hand. And if you need goods brought back from from the South West to anywhere in the country, call us, we may well have a vehicle nearby.

For a direct door to door service, from reliable, trained drivers operating well maintained modern vehicles, why not use one of the largest providers in the South West. At Guaranteed Same Day Couriers, we believe that we can offer best in class service, where ever you are in the country. As experts in our field, we know how valuable service is, so we are totally committed to offering every one of our customers the highest standards of support, with an attitude that’s always personal, friendly and of course, highly professional. Many of our clients have been with us for many, many years because they prefer to use a company that they can rely on. We are widely recognised as delivering on our promises – a same day courier service you can rely on to get the job done and never let you down.

Contact Guaranteed Same Day Couriers for any delivery needs you have. We collect parcels from all over the UK so give us a call or send us an email and we can give you a quote on your same day delivery.


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