Packaging Your Electrical Goods Properly

Guaranteed Sameday Couriers are experts in same day deliveries. We have a wide range of vehicles to suit all of your delivery needs, including the sending and receiving of electrical items. Which could include white goods such as fridges, freezers, dishwashers, clothes dryers and washing machines to televisions, monitors or other display equipment. 

When sending an electrical item anywhere, to make sure it reaches its destination safely and in good condition, you’ll need to take some time and make a little effort when preparing your parcel for shipping.

Let’s assume that the electrical item you want to send is suitable for delivery in the first place, you then need to package it well. You will want it to arrive in good shape and undamaged, so protect it with the right packaging material and boxes. Fortunately, Guaranteed Someday Couriers has help and advice on the subject of posting fragile goods,  so let us get to the nitty-gritty.

Packaging Your Electrical Goods Properly

Why Is The Proper Box Important?

Think about what size and type of box you’ll need. Don’t pick a box that’s too small; remember your item will need much more room later on after it’s been wrapped in bubble wrap. It’s best to pick a cardboard box that is thick, sturdy and able to take a lot of pressure. This is important because if your box ends up stacked underneath other boxes, the box could crumple under the weight – which could lead to damage and we obviously do not want that.

You also might want to consider double boxing. This is most advisable when you’re shipping an item that is quite large and heavy but not as necessary if you’re only sending something small and light.

Proper Packaging Please!

There are several different ways in which you could potentially package your electrical items. Some people like to use newspaper it’s not always a good idea as newspaper is very thin and can get flattened during delivery.

The best way to package electrical items is to use a combination of packing peanuts (usually made of foam) and bubble wrap. Bubble wrap comes in three different bubble sizes: small bubbles for fragile and light items, medium bubbles for larger and less delicate items and large though these are mostly used to fill up space rather than to protect items.

Once you’ve chosen your bubble size, wrap it round the item in several layers but don’t use too much. If the recipient can’t get the item out, they could break it trying to remove the pesky bubble wrap. When taping the bubble wrap up its best to use sellotape or masking tape as they are easier to remove than parcel tape.

Packing peanuts are used to fill up the box to make sure your item doesn’t move around and break in transit. We have found that one of the best ways to use them is to fill up two or three inches of the box with packing peanuts before you’ve placed the item inside, as close to the middle as possible. Then simply put the item on top of the layer of peanuts and continue to fill the rest of the box.

If you’re double boxing, make sure to place packing peanuts down the gap between the outer box and the inner box. This should stop the inner box moving around.

Make Sure The Label Is Correct!

Each and every parcel is important to us, and our aim is to complete your same day delivery on time, safely and in the same condition in which it was sent. We will ensure that your parcel is handled with care but it’s always a good idea to place a reminder on the box itself, so if you can, use ‘FRAGILE’ or ‘Handle With Care’ stickers on the outside of the box. If your item needs to be opened or left a certain way up, you can also purchase ‘This way up’ stickers. Applying stickers to the outer box will highlight the presence of a fragile item for the delivery driver so they can take extra care handing it.

By packaging your electrical products correctly, you not only ensure that they are as secure as possible, you also cover yourself should your item get broken on its journey.

Always same day, never some day.

Contact Guaranteed Same Day Couriers for any delivery needs you have. We collect parcels from all over the UK so give us a call or send us an email and we can give you a quote on your same day delivery.


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