Why Choose A Same Day Courier?

With todays needs for instant gratification, we want things done and we want them done quick. It’s just the way that the world is moving. No longer do you have to enter your bank card in to the chip and pin device and enter your pin when paying, we have contactless tap and go. No longer do we have to enter passwords when trying to download something on the phone or iPad, you can look at your device and the facial recognition does it for you. The more and more you look around, the more you realise that everything is being streamlined, being made to be done quicker.

Why Choose Same Day Courier

So how has this translated in to the courier industry? More and more companies are now offering a same day delivery as opposed to a standard next day or 2-3 day delivery. Deadlines are becoming tighter allowing this flexibility in to a customers journey is going to improve loyalty, and secure more business with them in the future.

The same day courier service is not just about businesses selling their products and shipping them out straight away. We are now in a logistical position that was unachievable a few years ago. Let’s take for example a legal firm that would benefit from receiving legal documents the same day, the documents are based on the other side of London. There is now the option to choose the most efficient mode of transportation, in this example, a motorcycle courier would be perfect to move through the treacle like traffic that clogs up the city.

When we compare same day courier services to the standard courier, there are some obvious differences. As above there is the aspect of speed, if there is something a customer deems as really important to be sent or received today then this is a major reason to chose a same day service. There will be differences in cost as expected as there is a larger logistical challenge and same day couriers traditionally use a dedicated vehicle for the delivery. The distance covered will also impact the price due to the use of the dedicated delivery, I mean Taxis cost more the further you go, similar principle.

Something that I really like about a same day delivery over next day, is that when you purchase online and you have to be in to take delivery, there’s usually a text that reads a little like this. “Your delivery will be with you between 09:00 and 15:00” great so I could miss it on both school runs and I can’t take my dog for a walk.  With a same day courier service, its based around you and the timeframe is much more user friendly, and if needed, a same day courier will wait until the goods are ready to collect. 

So to summarise, a standard or next day delivery will always be cheaper in the long run. However, same day delivery is faster, more direct and more flexible. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

We put our clients at the heart of everything we do. Whether we’re providing nationwide, logistics support or taking a confidential document across town, we make sure our same day courier service is the best it can be. We believe that dealing with Guaranteed Same Day Couriers should always be easy. When you call us you will get straight through to an experienced and helpful member of our operations teams who will be able to answer your questions, update you on your delivery, give you a quote or simply offer advice about our services.

Contact Guaranteed Same Day Couriers for any delivery needs you have. We collect parcels from all over the UK so give us a call or send us an email and we can give you a quote on your same day delivery.


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